Look: I am eager to learn stuff I don't know--which requires actively courting and posting smart disagreement.

But as you will understand, I don't like to post things that mischaracterize and are aimed to mislead.

-- Brad Delong

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My visitor count since Oct 2, 2009 has now passed 10,000.

I fully suspect about 70% stumbled here looking for something they didn't find, following a Google link that picked up a stray word -  like sex or fairy - in one of my rambling rants.  There have been hundreds of hits because of a weird photo I linked to while blogging the Crossword puzzle.

Then there are my 10 11 followers - thanks kids - and the two or three loyal readers who stop by rather regularly.  Most of these are co-participants in memes that I indulge myself with.

The main purpose of this blog is actually to rant about politics and its evil twin, economics.  (Actually - both twins are evil - hence the rants, I guess.)  I get very little of the disagreement I seek, and most of that is easily dismissed.

Everything else is just for fun.

Thanks for playing along.

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