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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Music Blogging - 2/07


wanderlust said...

Yes yes yes yes yes!

Pagan Sphinx said...

You can't claim to love music and not love this, now can you?

Way cool!

J said...

Monk's melodic madness at times moves, but he was slightly overrated as player, really--usually he plays just blues variations (as with S,NC), sometimes standards, done in a rather eccentric fashion.

His crony Bud Powell's solos rate a bit higher on Innovation scale, I believe. Then a Bill Evans, or Brubeck's best quite as powerful, and harmonically, Bill Evans, sort of the Chopin of bop, still outdoes about any jazz pianist. Stan Kenton was underrated as pianist as well. Even that hack Oscar Peterson quite beyond Monk's playing, methinks. And like Bud, Monk was truly mad, bouncing in and out of sanitoriums.

Jazzbumpa said...

Thanks, all!

J -
Evans was the pinnacle. Monk's brain was wired in a very strange way, no doubt. Not the greatest of players, sure, but certainly good enough. I love his compositions.

Oscar Peterson, a hack?!?!?

Ahhh. No.