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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Recent Income Distribution

In case anyone is interested, here is more recent information.  Last data point is 2006.

Crypto-Republican Bill Clinton continued to do wonders for the upper crust.  Not so for the residue in the bottom of the loaf pan.

Why-oh-why do Repugnicants and Wingers hate Clinton with such fervent passion when he was so very kind to them?

UPDATE:  Here's a clue.  Jamie in the quote can serve as a generic Regressive proxy.

In any case, however, I suspect that the central problem is that Jamie is mirror-imaging liberals. Jamie has made a career of anti-liberal contrarianism; he's not terribly bright and doesn't have any ideas of his own, but when he can manage to successfully figure out what progressives think, he astutely takes the opposite position. While this doesn't differentiate him from most other contemporary conservative journalists, he is almost striking in his emptiness; there's literally nothing there beyond the hatred for whatever he believes liberals want.


J said...

Why-oh-why do Repugnicants and Wingers hate Clinton with such fervent passion when he was so very kind to them?

Agreed. Clinton barely raised taxes at all--his highest rate was 40%, less than the Reagan era of 50% on highest brackets (until '86 at least). He may have been more fond of de-reg policies than even Reagan--and went along with most Gingrich/gramm plans, including dismantling the remains of the New Deal. I think the hatred had to do with Clinton's husband, Hillary. She at least sounds like a PC-Demo, plus the GOPers could get their misogyny on. And the Clintons brought out the veiled racism of repugs (not to say there aren't demo racists, they just hide it better).

Really, Clinton/Gore seem more to blame than Reagan/BushI. (tho BC did balance the budget at times); the ball was in their court and they couldn't manage a decent fast break, for bad metaphor of the AM.

(btw yr site could be under govt. scrutiny, jzb. The Feds are now watching for hate speech, whether left or right--see the EFF site for details. There's probably some CIA snitch app. IDing anyone who posts on this site, and many others, even so-called liberal sites. Another legacy of Clinton era demopublicans, and Janet Reno, not to say the bipartisan supported PatAct, FISA, etc)

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, as I've said many times, I'm not a huge Clinton fan. I just think he was a brilliant guy who did a lot of good for the country, despite being a pro-business conservative with vaguely totalitarian tendencies and a hyperactive, non-discriminatory libido.

I firmly and sincerely believe Reagan/Bush and Bush II were far, far worse, by any measure imaginable.

Thanks for the heads up. But if anyone at CIA considers my bland blend of snark, applied algebra, haiku and amateur photography to be HATE SPEECH, I'd be a bit surprised. Rude Pundit will go down long before I do, and I'll take that event as a warning shot.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue calling the stupid "Stupid!"