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Monday, September 2, 2013

Tiger's Scoring

Today's opponents, the Tigers and Red Sox have the most powerful offenses in MLB, having scored 699 and 698 runs, respectively. 

Coming into today's game, the Tigers have 1390 hits to Boston's 1317.  I had a feeling that Detroit's run production was not very efficient.  So I took a look at runs/hit.  Oakland is best at .535.  Boston 2nd at .530.  The Tigers, at .503, are in 10th place behind Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, Toronto, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Texas.

Too many men LOB.  Three doubles already in today's game [5th inning] and nothing to show for it. 

Back on August 24, they beat up on Mets starter Matt Harvey for 13 hits - and 1 run.  They finished the game with 3 runs on 15 hits.  Last night they were shut out on 11 hits.  Extreme examples, sure, but pay attention to all the runners who do not score.

If the Tigers had the 5th place Cardinals' .518 runs/hit, they'd have scored 20 more runs by now.

They could use a couple of them today.

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