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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hoisted From Comments - The Repugnicant Master Plan

In comments here, Art points us to STARVE THE BEAST, a 2007 article by the ever-surprising Bruce Bartlett.   Holy Yikes, what a find!

Bruce lays out the entire Rethug strategy to basically destroy the America we have lived in for our entire lives.


Not only are we totally screwed, the screwing has come from Repugnicants.

It is all part of a master plan. In "Starve the Beast" PDF (2007) Bruce Bartlett wrote:

In the 1980s, public-choice theory developed the idea that a conservative government might intentionally increase the national debt through tax cuts in order to bind the hands of a subsequent liberal government...

Perhaps a future fiscal crisis will provide political cover for massive cuts in entitlement programs that would be politically impossible except in such dire circumstances.

It seems everything is going according to plan.

An attentive observer will have noticed this being played out over the decades.  The only real surprise here is that there is a conservative with enough honesty to to lay it all out with unabashed lucid candor. As I write this, I've only read to the middle of Page 2, but could not wait to get it up here for the whole world (he said in a self-aggrandizing, but nevertheless ironic way)  to see.

Now I can update my indictment:

Not only are we totally screwed, the screwing IS DELIBERATE, and has come from Repugnicants.

Just think about this.  Now the apparent insanity of cutting taxes while going to war makes perfect sense.  Now all of this makes perfect sense.  Not only have they done this to us, they have waged an unjust and unjustifiable war, compounded that by committing war crimes, destroyed the infrastructure of a sovereign nation, and shredded the Constitution.

This is treason.  Think about that, as well.

Huge H/T to Art.

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The Arthurian said...

Apparently, the whole world is dumbfounded...