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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fractalization of the U.S. Dollar - Or - How Obama ruined the Greenback

Here is a chart of the Trade weighted U.S. Dollar Index from FRED with a trend channel  Quite a slide down that mountain since the peak 53 weeks ago.

And look at what that Socialist Obama has done to us in the meanwhile:  Stimulus Package, QE's I and II,  Obamacare.  No wonder the greenback is shrinking!

To put it in perspective here is dollar's performance over his entire term.  The red portion near the peak is the time from Obama's election to his inauguration -- the last gasp of hope before the fall.

See how bad it is?  Down, down, down.

Just for contrast, here is how the policies of the staunch fiscal conservatard, George W. Shrub saved the dollar from the profligate quai-socialist Billy-Bob Clinton.

Well, maybe you ought to turn that one upside down.

Now, for the longest perspective, let's look at the entire data set, starting in 1973.

There - now that you can see the entire picture, it's clear exactly how damaging the Obama administration has been.

You're welcome.

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Suzan said...

Sheesh, Jazz!

I don't know whether to say "Thanks!" for backing me up or just go straight to the wrist cutting.

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(We are so f*****cked!!!!!!!)

And people are in the streets telling me how I HAVE to vote for him in self defense.