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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Standing Up for Lura Ingraham . . .

. . . for all that she deserves it.

Here's the charming and delightful Laura* on quasi-harlot Nancy Pelosi.  Now THIS is class!

You think the pictures of dead bin Ladin would be gruesome?  To put it in perspective, have a look at Janet Napolitano.

Here, Laura blows the lid on Obama's loan guarantees for Brazilian off-shore drilling.

Oh, wait . . . that's a god-damned lie.

 But here, she points out that the stimulus didn't create any jobs, and didn't help the economy.

Shit. That's a lie, too.

That's only going back a few months, and only relying on a single source.  Clearly, this game could go on for hours, but I've grown weary of it all ready.

Media Matters has  a point, when they say: "However, being progressive means recognizing that Ingraham -- no matter how much we disagree with her views -- deserves to have her commentary evaluated on its merits and should not be attacked with sexist language."

Well, we've done a bit evaluating on the merits, and discovered there are none.  But why pussy-foot on the language?  We know what a media whore is.  Is there any reason to think that Laura Ingraham is anything other than a right-wing talk slut?  Maybe he should have just called her a mealy-mouthed, lying piece of shit.   There's no way to infer sexism from that.

* When I was playing one of these clips, my lovely wife asked, "Who is that?  It sounds like a man."  That's when I noticed that she looks even more like a man in drag than that other right-wing talk slut.  (Seriously - tell me she has no Adam's apple.)

1 comment:

Dave said...

I agree, Big Eddy just called "A spade, A spade". Sometimes the truth hurts but needs to be said. Hmmm, who could Lura be? Nope don't look like Tom Delay in drag, anyone have any face recognition software?