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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quote of the Day - With a "Lump of Labor" Moment

What kind of education are we giving our young people?  Recent College grads are going home to live with their parents.  What the hell is the matter with them?  Don't they know that there are an infinite number of jobs out there?

Trust me, you don’t want to be 26 and still living at home with your parents.
--- Recent College Grad Megan Muller.

 ". . . Muller, who, daunted by the expense of college, struggled with whether to finish at all. She currently makes about $25,000 as an assistant editor at Federal Practitioner, a peer-reviewed medical journal."

With our economy in a vibrant recovery, you'd think an educated  person with some ability and ambition would be able to pull down a 6-figure job and not settle for a mere $26K, woodn't ya?

Things should be especially bright, now that the illegals have given up and gone home.

 Instead, we get this:

"A study conducted by Twentysomething Inc., a consultant firm specializing in young adults, reports that 85 percent of this year’s graduating class will be forced to move back home. Meanwhile, 2011 graduates also face historic amounts of student loan debt -- or an average of $27,200 for graduates that borrowed money in order to finish school."

What a bunch of slugs!

H/T to Blended Purple, who probably doesn't care.


The Arthurian said...

You crack me up.

Jazzbumpa said...

Mission accomplished!


Stagflationary Mark said...

Memory lane:

Long-Term Nonfarm Payroll Growth v.2

You commented on lump of labor and I added you to my blog list. It was probably not a coincidence. ;)

I believe we are automating and outsourcing jobs faster than we are thinking up new sustainable ones (i.e., non-bubble jobs).

BadTux said...

Gosh, she got a degree in English or somethin'? She shoulda got a degree in a hot subject like Computer Science, where she could have been overqualified for the dead-end call center job she would have ended up at (because the only hiring going on in technology is of people with 5+ years of experience or Indian contractors). Sheesh, the nerve of these youngsters, thinking that if they work hard in school and do the right things, they'll get ahead in life! Next thing you know they'll be muttering about something called "The American Dream" or some similar silliness, yo.

Do note, however, that it has been usual for 3/4ths of the graduating class to move back home for the past 25 years. Indeed, most of the past 25 years graduating college students never *left* home -- they attended state universities and colleges close to their home, in order to save on college expenses. Our elites attended exclusive colleges where the majority of graduates got job on Wall Street or some place like that which is *not* home, but that has never been true for the majority of America's college grads, who graduated from state colleges and never strayed far from home. It has always amused me, this preoccupation with a few elite colleges that graduate less than 5% of America's college graduates and treating them as if the experience there is somehow typical of what most American college grads experience. It's not typical and never has been. So it goes.

- Badtux the Statey Penguin