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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tax Burdens and Economic Growth – Answering the Objections

Over at Angry Bear, Mike Kimmel has been posting for years about the economic results achieved by (mostly) post WWII Presidents.  Regressives of the kind I refer to in the last sentence of the last paragraph here have raised all sorts of objection to his conclusions, at various levels of rationality and sophistry.

In this post, he addresses them, head on.  (Even those that are pretty clearly head off.)

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BadTux said...

Oh puh-LEEZE. There you go with those pesky liberal FACTS again. Sheesh. Tighty righties have faith, faith I say, in their Lord and Savior Ronald Reagan and His holy prophet Arthur Laffer, and their faith is strong and not amenable to modification by such silly little things as your "facts". I mean, we're talking about people who believe the Earth was created 16,000 years ago by a Great Sky Demon (what else can you call a being that burns up women and children with fire from the heavens just 'cause their menfolk were a nasty bunch?!), and who don't even accept the most ridiculously childishly simple observations of nuclear physics that show that the Earth is billions of years old. You expect them to actually listen to facts that contradict their holy faith? Bwhahahaha!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin