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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is How Obama Should Handle the Republicans*

Everything I know about Chris de Burgh** can be seen in this video. (Embedding disabled, alas.)

There's more, of course.

Mr. de Burgh is still performing, and recently had a series of sold-out appearances at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. Peter Crawley of the Irish times wrote a review that - while it was not quite in a vein of high snark - was dismissive in its condescension.

Mr. de Burgh, a master of high snark, was not pleased.

Now, wouldn't you like to see Obama engage in some high snark and, for example, say that Pat Buchanan is "puffed up in his own self-importance," or that Joe Wilson*** is a "loathsome little turd?"

Update: Same message, delivered by Bill Maher (a must-read.)
* With a tip of the hat to my Lovely wife for the idea.
** With a tip of the hat to Maria @ CT
*** The South Carolina guy, not Valerie Plame's husband.


J said...

Obama has pledged more funds for Defense than BushCo spent (even the dovey Greenwald noted that). And BO's also said he doesn't favor a public option--sounds even to the right of those villainous "blue dogs". F- 'em.

What was that one old Dylan number? don't follow leaders/watch the parking meters.

Politicians, Demo or GOP, aren't our friends, even if they toss a bone once in a great while.

Jazzbumpa said...

I don't think the public option has been totally foreclosed, yet. At least I hope not.

BHO, like WJC, is a damned fine Republican.

Not much of a Dylan fan - can't help there.

Dems might drop a bone once in a while. Not the Reps they will take everything you have and you get nothing.

Cheers, sort of