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Friday, September 11, 2009

Cherry Picking*

Not necessarily the minor details, though. You can always keep whatever supports your preconceived notion or new pet theory, and disregard the rest. That's simple human nature. Propagandists know how to exploit human nature for their own - usually nefarious - ends; and for them, cherry-picking is a tool.

Conservative commentators do it all the time. Libertarians and neo-cons have to rely on it, because what they're selling is ultimately at variance with reality.

Here**, the Sandwichman calls out a Libertarian on a particularly egregious example. Data cited to support a new variety of New Deal Denialist meme is based on a single corporate experience in Canada during the 90's. Wow - what an amazing lack of relevance.

* Picture from here.
**Follow the links.

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