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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deep Stupid #4

This, by Marybeth Hicks, besides being all kinds of stupid, is just so wrong, on so many levels, that it takes a true master to parse, deconstruct and refute it with the degree of thoroughness it so richly deserves.

So I will just turn it over to Ed.


J said...

I may not agree with most of Miss Hicks' essays--let's even call her a suburban conservative zombie--but I do understand some parents' and citizens' concern with Obama's Edu-crat-in-Chief speech (I objected when BushCo did this sort of thing as well).

I mean, should the President be broadcasting his own pedagogy in the classrooms of America? Doesn't that offend your Orwellian sensibilities? It does mine. Politicians, whether Dem or GOP should not be trusted--

Neo-liberals (evidenced on KOS, Salon, DU, CT, Berube, Unfogged, EotAw, etc) insist that we should have faith in the political process. The Kossacks especially want to make Demo politicians seem like our pals. They ain't--they're all profit-driven insiders, deal makers, hustlers (and most leading Demos are war profiteers as well--). Cynicism is more than warranted after a bipartisan supported war, and economic disasters. --The GOP may outrate the Demos on the Corrupt-o-meter, but not by much.

Obama's a glib professional (and admittedly he speaks better than Bushy), but I found the speech creepy (er the 3 minutes I watched)--at least as creepy as Foxnews hacks waving their flags.

Jazzbumpa said...

I didn't see the speech in real time, but I did watch it later - all 15 minutes. It was extraordinarily bland and creepiness free. Contrast the Reagan effort which was a genuine mini-brainwash attempt.

If the Pres were making regular addresses to students, and promoting any political agenda, then yes, it would be a problem.

But one time, early in his term? Full of encouragement, with a couple personal anecdotes of the I-did-it-so-can-you type?

Get over it.