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Friday, July 24, 2009

Of Wind and Instruments

Regarding the park concert last night. After a day of very changeable weather: heavy rain, light rain, sun, overcast, etc., it was fine when we got to the park. Soon, though, dark clouds loomed to the west, We started about 15 minutes early, in hopes of getting in a full program before bad things happened.

By the time we got to the storm motif in the WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE*, I was warily eyeing the sky, (about 2:15 to 3:30 in the link captures the ominous mood quite nicely) between the chromatic trombone romps(3:35 to 4:10.) But -except for a few sprinkles and one nasty gust of wind, we got through it unscathed.

An experience outside player always fasten his music. I had mine securely fastened to the folder with cloths pins. Then, in the middle of A MAN AMONG MEN**, a very nice march by Henry Fillmore, a gust dumped my whole folder on the stage. All my carefully ordered music scattered at my feet. By the time I gathered it all up - now in a random heap, the march was over. I was a bit flustered, but settled down, and the rest of the evening was quite pleasant.

Yesterday was VANILLA ICE CREAM day, and the 104th anniversary of the invention of the ice cream cone, in honor of which, we capped the evening with ice cream cones - natch! It would have been wrong not to.
* Rescored for Concert Band - Alas, no cello
** Can't find it on Youtube. Wie Schade!


Bukko_in_Australia said...

You mentioned on BadTux that you hadn't heard of Kunstler's naughtily-named blog, "Clusterfuck nation." There's a link to make it easy. His book is titled "The Long Emergency," which is what he expects to happen to the U.S. and the suburban-sprawl, cheap energy, "happy motoring" way of life all over.

I notice from your blogroll that you read Mish. Have you ever heard of another econoblog called "The Automatic Earth"? While I respect Mish's analysis, his "damn the people, full libertarianism ahead" philosophy grates on me. This Automatic Earth blog is mostly a compilation of econ-related articles from other sources, with the blogowners' "here's how to build your own lifeboat for the coming hard times" commentary.

I had never heard of either of these blogs before my wife and I self-exiled from the U.S., but they reinforce our decision to bolt. You might enjoy them.

Jazzbumpa said...

Bukko -

Thanx for stoppping by, and for the linx.

I have a link to Mish, but seldom read him. The few time I did were rather offputting.

I have a hard enough time keeping up with the ones who appeal to me.

Do you have a career down under, or are you retired, like me. How did you chose that as your landing spot?


BadTux said...

The good thing about a trombone is that if it *does* start raining it doesn't ruin the instrument. Same cannot be said about my guitar, though I must admit I would not be overwhelmed by the loss of my guitar since that would give me an excuse to buy the new one I have been eyeing.

Jazzbumpa said...

I say go get the new one, if you can afford it.

I have:

King 2B Silversonic the holy grail for jazz;
Holton large bore tenor with F-attachment,for Symphony and concert band;
Reynolds Contempera dual trigger bass, for big band 4th part;
Blessing slide/valve combo sitting in its case in my basement;
ToneKing Euphonium, an antique made by the New York Band Instrument Co.

The latter has an upright bell, a design affectionately known as "the raincatcher."

JzB the abundantly blessed trombonist

Bukko_in_Australia said...

As my Blogger profile sez, my wife and I decamped voluntarily from a nice home in San Francisco because we were so sick of realPresident Cheney and his monkeypuppet. Got out just at the right time, too, selling our house (which we would rather have lived in forever, because it had a breathtaking view of the ocean) at the peak of the bubble. My wife doesn't have to work because she took her Cali. state employee's pension in a lump sum of cash, before the market crashed, when it was still worth something. Alas, I have to work (ares-wiper on the profile = hospital nurse) as a condition of my visa. I'm migrant labour, mate! But it's a nice place here. Kinda like America used to be before the Kennedy assassination and the race riots put a dark, sour pall over the country...