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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Music Blogging

Contrary to what lying partisan hacks like Bill O'Reilly, Ben Stein, and Bruce Tinsley*  will tell you, Liberals** do love America.

Here, Sam the American Eagle leads us in The Stars and Stripes Forever.

*  The knuckle-dragging moron actually found a way to screw up the 4th of July.  Impressive, in a depressing sort of way.
** Frex: Me


J said...


Homie JP Sousa's actually not the worst musician in the world. Compared to say Wagnerian--or Disneyian-- bombast and sentimentality, Sousamusak sounds nearly mozartian: Amadeus's 'Merican Marching band . JPS may have been a yankee patriot, even bit of militarist, but not a nazi (or repub.). Sort of like Founders (at least the more rational sort).

Really, I'd much prefer the old sousa marches, even S. and S. forever, to the hiphop marches done now. Most plebes don't quite understand what the Fourth is all about.

Jazzbumpa said...

I have great affection for Sousa marches, and those of Fillmore and some others. Play them a lot in the summer.

I'm not familiar with hiphop marches. Sounds awful.


J said...

I'm not big on parades but caught a few minutes of some LA-area HS bands marching to like the Theme from Rocky, or MASH, even like Mariah Carey, rock stuff--then long, hip-hop like drum breaks. Sousa would have been an improvement--or maybe an old jazz-swing standard. Cherokee for marching band......