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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Wrong Man for the Wrong Job

I might have a marginally less jaundiced view of Michigan governor Rick Snyder's emergency manager solution to Detroit's economic problems if 1) the approach didn't have a known track record of dismal failure; B) The people of Michigan hadn't rejected the E.M. approach in our most recent and, in retrospect, meaningless election; and iii) if Snyder hadn't chosen as E. M. a man who is incapable of managing his own personal finances.

I do not see this coming to a good end.

But on the plus side, Kevyn Orr was able to pull out his wallet and fork over about $16,000 in unpaid taxes.

Twice in two years.

UpdateAccording to Snyder spokesweaselperson Sandra Wurfel, "There was apparently an oversight related to a childcare provider unemployment insurance payment."    This is blamed on a 3rd party accountant.  Aside from the craven blame shifting, one must wonder how this innocent mistake could happen four consecutive years.


BadTux said...

You are assuming that Kevyn Orr's job is to manage the finances of Detroit, rather than to dismantle the government of Detroit and sell off all its assets to cronies of Snyder for pennies on the dollar. Once you look at his selection in the proper light, what better person for the job than someone who has already demonstrated his disrespect for the entire notion of government by failing to pay his taxes not once, but twice?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...

Actually, I didn't assume any of that. And what you predict is exactly what I expect to happen.

That tax that he didn't pay was related to unemployment insurance for a nanny. And it was over 4 consecutive years. He would up paying off the liens twice.

The whole thing smells very fishy.


nanute said...

If there's anyone that can get to the bottom of this fishy story, it's a Snarky Penguin.