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But as you will understand, I don't like to post things that mischaracterize and are aimed to mislead.

-- Brad Delong

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

QoD from Ed at G&T

I mean, modern American politics is basically the Democrats mumbling something quasi-logical while the Republicans scream something that makes no sense whatsoever. What am I supposed to say, "OK class, today we're going to debate de-funding the National Science Foundation. This group will be the 'pro' side…." We'd get more accomplished if we played Candyland. Defending ridiculous viewpoints is going to teach them one of two things. They will learn to make nonsensical arguments unabashedly, or they will learn how to say a bunch of bullshit that sounds like a persuasive argument but isn't. The former is Sean Hannity, the latter, George Will.
                                                         ---- Ed

This is relevant because of a FB conversation I got into yesterday with a stranger commenting on a mutual friend's post. Her approach was to change the subject, move the goal posts, engage in hyperbole, present demonstrable nonsense as fact, and reject facts when presented. This is what you get into with regressives all the time. It's no accident that they don't know how to engage in rational discourse. Down that path lies truth, and truth does not comport with their pre-packaged view of the world.

It's so much more comfortable and convenient to wallow in ideologically approved talking points. It saves all that tedious mucking around with critical thinking, facts and logic.


BadTux said...

Don't confuse me with those liberal "fact" thingies, my mind is made up.

-- A conservative.

Jazzbumpa said...

The problem isn't so much what they don' know. It's what they do "know" that is wrong.


TALON said...

I think the world is sorely lacking original thinkers...it's why people are so quick to spew whatever rhetoric grabs their small attention spans. :)

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I shall not invite myself to debate; only to listen as I do have my opinion but am not good at debating. I do believe we should teach our children how to debate however, but not to just discuss topics but to research and review. I do that well on alternative meds and herbs - I thoroughly research and examine, but with politics I find the waters so murky that I lose patience with the participants, and have truly made my mind up long ago.