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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Impending Romney Disaster

If you've been reading here regularly, you know what a disaster a Rethug win in Nov. would be, and why.

It's also no secret that changing demographics disfavor the Rethugs - hence their strong attempts at voter suppression.

In an interesting twist, Johnathon Chait points out that the specific 2012 vintage strategy of divide and conquer along lines of age and race will never work again [in the sense of bringing a Rethug victory,] because those demographic changes will have shifted the balance by 2016.  Hence this year's desperate attempt to cede the wealth of our nation to that rapacious top 1%, and undermine the future of social welfare and safety net programs.  This amounts to a last ditch effort to completely destroy the last tattered shreds of the New Deal while they still can get it done.

There’s no moral or policy rationale for Romney’s proposal to increase social safety net spending on current retirees while cutting Pell Grants, Medicaid, children’s health insurance, and food stamps to shreds. The nonwhite share of the electorate is increasing fast enough that the political math of this sort of gambit will grow completely impossible — there will simply be, from the right-wing perspective, too many of them and not enough us. But there may be just enough us to pull out one more win, and thus the Republican determination to make such a win as consequential as possible.

H/T to Scott Lemieux

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