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Monday, February 6, 2012

Halftime in America

This is a great ad, but Clint Eastwood strikes me as being a wildly inappropriate spokesperson.

But maybe it's just me.


BadTux said...

I think Chrysler had a notion that they would get a notable right-wing figure to do their commercial that was intended to make potential customers feel optimistic and thus more likely to buy cars, especially cars from Detroit. The choice of Clint was almost 100% thought to be proof against criticism from the right -- I mean, who can criticize Dirty Harry as being some kinda godless Commie?!

Well, Karl Rove can, we find out. As can many other figures on the right upset that a message of optimism rather than a message of despair has made it on the air. So it goes. In this respect, the choice of Clint Eastwood was brilliant -- the very fact that these voices are criticizing him for being optimistic makes them look like morons and pretty much diffused any controversy in the minds of ordinary Americans, who are now more likely to buy cars from Detroit -- and from Chrysler -- well, at least that's the theory. We'll find out, I guess :).

- Badtux the Five-dimensional-chess Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...


Good points.