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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deep Stupid #21

I rarely do DEEP STUPID posts any more.  The process of researching and composing line-by-line refutation and ridicule is so time and energy consuming that I just can't do very much of it.

Here is one that speaks for itself - and so loudly, that all I have to do is post it.

Oh, what the hell -- Bachman evidently doesn't realize that China has protective tariffs, manipulates its currency, pirates software and other proprietary technologies, keeps costs low by polluting their own air and water, selling sub-standard, poisonous products, and has a labor system somewhere in the general neighborhood of feudalism.

Also, here's some commentary from TPM, where I swiped the video.

Aside from the basic absurdity of crediting a country that’s still officially communist with avoiding the pitfalls of the welfare state, it’s worth noting that Bachmann’s broad condemnation of LBJ’s legislative record is in open conflict with her own political positions. She has repeatedly positioned herself as a staunch defender of Medicare, the centerpiece of the Great Society programs, and has slammed President Obama for using funds from the Medicare Advantage program to help finance the Affordable Care Act. Her critique of saving for “retirement security” also runs up against her stated support for Social Security.
“Social Security and Medicare provide a safety net to millions of Americans,” an issues page on her website reads. “This is a system that many Americans have paid into their whole life. America needs to keep its promise to senior citizens.”

Via HuffPo.  H/T to the L/W.

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Michael Turner said...

ISTR almost all Chinese corporations in the Fortune 500 are government owned. If you go with the Commanding Heights definition of socialism, they got it. It might in fact be something like what Schumpeter was talking about, a kind of market socialism. Schumpeter pointed out what would be missing: entrepreneurial innovation. But hey, China can get that from the West, copy it fast, avoid paying IP license fees ....