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Friday, October 22, 2010

What The Hell?!? Friday - Women of AARP Edition

The Nov - Dec issue of AARP magazine (yes, the actual hard copy edition is sittng on my kitchen table) has these three lovely ladies on the cover.

Betty White - Due to loss of short term memory, her most vivid recollections are of the Harding administration.  So, yeah - makes perfect sense.  (BTW - I have loved impish Betty White since I was a kid, watching her on the old-time LIFE WITH ELIZBETH TV show.  And, no - I am NOT ashamed of myself!)

Jamie Lee Curtis - At 52, Jamie achieved AARP eligibility two years ago, so I guess she can appear on the cover.  I mean, why not?  What's to not like?

Kristen Bell - Excuse me - KRISTEN BELL?  WTH?!?  Kristen Bell is 8 years YOUNGER than my DAUGHTER.  Kristen Bell is a CHILD!.  We're talking Veronica Mars here.

OK - she's 30 -and they're all in a movie together -- but still . . .

Anyway, that last clip DEMANDS an antidote.

Debbie Harry, by the way, is a year and a half OLDER then I am. Yeah!

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