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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six Word Saturday 9/4

Performed Outside In High Wind - Yikes!

I've played outside at least 40 times.  I've had rain delays and rain cancellations, but never a wind like this, with gale-force gusts.

Even for a grizzled veteran like me, it was a challenge.   Some of the string players who have no outside experience were overwhelmed.

Still - we brought off a really good performance under very trying conditions.  Made me proud.


Kimmy said...

I bet that would be hard. Good job!!

Happy SWS!

Olivia said...

Good job! The hubby plays french horn and has played outside gigs as well. The worst (unfortunately) are the near-freezing sunrise services on Easter!

Call Me Cate said...

Outside performances almost always seem to be such a challenge. So many factors out of your control!

Thanks for playing 6WS and I'm glad you didn't blow away!

Fats Durston said...

In response to your comment at Gin'n'Tacos--

I was taking an SF class with John Kessel, and someone said, "I met Tom Godwin's daughter at a party once," and someone responded, "How much did she weigh?"

wanderlust said...

Love your six words. Glad you guys made it through the show, true professionals!