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Friday, September 3, 2010

The New Progressivism

Lawrence Lessig writes an interesting, but sadly naive post, filled with hope and historical perspective.

Where he goes wrong is in suggesting that a new progressivism can incorporate Reagan and Goldwater style Republicans, and reach out to the tea party.  Sorry - there are no Reagan or Goldwater style Republicans.  Regressives worship the myth of Reagan, but are either ignorant or in denial about what he actually achieved - the good and the bad.  Goldwater was simply a libertarian before his time, and a decent, though misguided person who came too late to realize the errors of many of his ways.   By an honest assessment, neither would be acceptable to current Repugnicants.  Even Mr Conservative would not be regressive enough.

The tea party is a different story.  They are immune to facts and logic, and unreachable by rational discourse.  They are the political heirs of - if not strictly identical to - the moral majority and the authoritarian followers who thought that George W. Bush was a good president.

I wish Lessig were right, but this time he is on the wrong side of history, which will now be ruled by right-wing populism, to the detriment of us all.

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