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Sunday, April 25, 2010

JazzBumpa Salt and Smoke Smackdown

Adam Ozemek is annoyed by what he calls my sophomoric and poorly thought out arguments.

More likely, he is annoyed because I am a smarmy smart ass.

At any rate, IMHO, his attempt to refute my comment is even more lame than his original post.

But maybe I have it all wrong.

Which of us is on solid ground, and who has the friable slope crumbling beneath his feet?

Or are we both all wet?

This is a serious inquiry.  If I'm wrong, I want to know it.


Sophomoric humor refers to juvenile, puerile, and base comedy that would normally be expected from an adolescent.  It is used to refer to a type of comedy that often includes bathroom humor and gags that are based on and appeal to a silly sense of immaturity. ...

Ooohh . . . pwned!


BadTux said...

If you look at my "Economics Blogs" blogroll, "Modelled Behavior" is not on it. It was at one point in time, but I found that I got too seriously annoyed with the libertarian neo-Austrian claptrap too often posted there, and dropped it.

You may not be aware that here in California smoking bans have been extended far beyond indoor places, to the point where the only place legal to smoke in some cities is inside a private residence, so there is some element of "slippery slope" with bans. But only to a certain point.

Regarding regulation of food contents, that has been true for many, many years. Libertarians want all regulation removed from food -- not just the salt regulation that we're talking about, but everything. The magical Free Market Fairy will just wave her magic wand and make our food safe and cheap, if it wasn't for that pesky government regulation, nevermind that history shows us that this position is utter nonsense because thousands died from food-borne illnesses before the advent of modern regulations, reality doesn't come into it when we're talking about libertarians because the only reality they're familiar with is the reality where cotton candy grows on trees, unicorns are pink, and the Free Market Fairy is *real*. So it goes...

Regarding slippery slopes: Yeah, them pesky Negros managed to get equal rights, and so now the Faggots are wanting equal rights too? Some slopes ARE slippery -- and for good reason, because nobody shoulda been up at the top of that slope (the bigotry slope) in the first place. But somehow I doubt regulation of salt contents is such a slope.

- Badtux the un-Libertarian Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...


Thanks for the comment, and filling in some blanks.

But - was my comment at MB actually sophomoric and poorly thought out, as attested? If so, I want to do better.


BadTux said...

Poorly thought out? No. Sophomoric? You do realize you're asking that question of someone who blogs as a penguin, correct? ;).

- Badtux the Sophomoric Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...

I'm a senior citizen.

What do I know about sophomores?


Martha Z said...

I thought your arguments quite cogent, echoing my own thoughts but expressed much better than I might have done (actually did as I couldn't help adding my two cents to the argument).
Ozemek reminds me of my late brother, late because he insisted he had a right to smoke and use all the salt he wanted. He was a genius and as such you couldn't tell him anything. I try to limit my salt but find it very difficult given the high salt content of almost everythin in the stores.