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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Republicans: All Wrong, All the Time, Pt. 13 - Health Care Costs

To help put the lies and hypocrisy of the Republicans in perspective, we'll show Rachel Maddow's  BEST GRAPH EVER.

That's right, folks, the 2001 and 2003 budget busting  Bush tax cuts, which were passed through reconciliation, cost the country a huge pile of cash.   In contrast, the Senate Health Care Reform Bill - which might be passed via reconciliation some day (or week) soon is a net money saver.

Who knew?  Not anyone who's listened to any Republican or right winger spew their lies on the subject.   In every political discussion that's taken place in recent years, the right has been totally out of touch with reality.

Are they liars, tools, fools, slaves to ideology, delusionally insane, or just plane stupid?  Alas, there is no sure way to know.

Here is more truth from Rachel.

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