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Friday, October 16, 2009

Quote out of context.

I'm as committed to problematizing exclusivist metanarratives and delegitimating monologic desire as the next gink.

What makes this so remarkable is that I can not remember ever having voiced - or even entertained - this concept.

Silly me.

I ain't no Phila.

Update:  At the risk of supplying context - and forgive me if I've mislead you - here is another quote.

Most of the people who claim that the universe was really created in six days, and that Eve was really fashioned from Adam's rib, are still able to recognize suggestions like "go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor" as confoundingly polyvalent metaphors.


J said...

I'm as committed to problematizing exclusivist metanarratives and delegitimating monologic desire as the next gink.

PoMo-Speak 400, or how french aesthetes destroyed the authentic left (reminds me of Zizek as well, that clever buffoon). And really as "exclusivist" as TS Eliot or ...the wit and wisdom of Norman Podhoretz

Jazzbumpa said...

J -

Wow. Your comments is more opaque than the quote. Impressive!

What is PoMo?

JzB the abbreviation challenged trombonist

J said...

PoMo?:? Po-Meau?

Why every Ho-bo

should verily know

the denotation

of Po-mo'---

postmodernist, bone-bumpa (see Berubay and his cronies for some examples...or Jodi Dean for the ding-an-slick)

Jazzbumpa said...

J -

Sorry, man. I am seriously hep-talk challenged.

I guess I'm merely modern.

But I'll keep you posted.


JzB the up to date but no one minute more trombonist

J said...

Alright, in slightly wiki-ish terms:

Postmodernism is a term which describes a group of gallic leftist-deviants (french, aka froggies), who from about 50s to the 90s, denied the claims of reason, logic, or even scientific knowledge. Meaning doesn't exist in some sense, and language doesn't work, said Postmodernists.

Most of them were marxists, or ex-marxists, and involved in the Paris '68 protests. See Derrida, Lacan, Foucault etc. (some of them were....pre-verts). "PoMo" is used as slight pejorative for postmodernist (and the quote you included in original post is PoMo-speak). They also were influenced by existentialist daddy Martin Heidegger (a monster, really).

Some of Derrida's writing on language interests me ( Of Grammatology), but it's very dense, complex, bewildering, bombastic. PoMos rarely address the sorts of economic and historical issues Marx addressed. Marx I will read, but PoMo I am not.

Jazzbumpa said...

But Phila's usage and inspiration are decidedly pre- post-modern (that being rather temporally ambiguous, I'll grant you.)

More along the lines of Krazy Kat, and the Marx Bros. (Assuming that one of them is the Marx you mentioned.)

Again, quoting Phila: "Yeah. Which I think ties into this discussion re: 'big words.' Krazy Kat and Perelman's stuff are ludicrously verbose in a way that's self-deflating and oddly egalitarian, in addition to being a lot of fun."

Oh - I did get a kick from ding-an-slick.

Foucault was a swinger.

JzB the bewildering, bombastic trombonist

J said...
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J said...

I was referring to whoever wrote this:

I'm as committed to problematizing exclusivist metanarratives and delegitimating monologic desire as the next gink.

Nada mas que Po-Mo. Ambiguous, polysyllabic, vaguely leftist, and desire-fire--that's PoMo. Believe me, I met a few back in college town--they were nastier twenty years or so ago, sort of Maoist-surrealists.

Foucault? Nyet. I haven't read too much. His alternative history about crime, and prison stuff alright I guess--obscure, vague, hyperbolic--but really sort of right-wing, Nietzsche-lite in leather. Creeps me--then even Foucault swinging probably fairly tame compared to Lacan's old parties in the 50s. Lacan was first with the French right--Maurras--and lived quite a comfy life as psychiatrist during WWII--some say vichy connections.

Really I have more respect for the Frankfurt school, Adorno, etc, though they're pretty freaky as well.

Jazzbumpa said...

We may be referring to different Foucaults. I'm talking about the pendulum guy.

JzB the swinging trombonist