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Friday, October 2, 2009

Conservative Cheesecake

Hmmmmm.  Could this become a feature?  Too soon to tell.

The "guerrilla conservatism" of cub reporter James O'Keefe, 25, and his not quite adult, psuedo-abused-prostitute accomplice Hannah Giles, 20, is considered heroic by some.

But the manufactured outrage is just one more conservative fantasy.

Updated 10/04:

This sweet-looking girl is evidently not a real literal (heaven forbid) prostitute.

On the other hand, though, she is just another conservative media whore.  Besides being a liar and a fake.


Old News Update:  The Maryland Attorney general might be investigating the local ACORN office, based on the heroic work of these intrepid film makers.

It appears that the video and taped communications cannot be used in criminal prosecution in Maryland, under the law," said Margaret Burns, a spokeswoman for Jessamy. "The videotape was illegally obtained, and that evidence is tainted."


Slightly More Recent Update:  Click here to donate to the Hannah Giles defense fund. The necessity of which seems a bit - uh - odd since, "Hannah and James have been influenced by conservative principles and traditional values!"  

"In fact, so finely attuned is Hannah’s moral antennae, that she could sense ACORN was engaging in illegal and scandalous practices before she even knew what ACORN did.  Or was."

Next day Update: Precious, precocious child.  With an odd propensity to reveal the lower midriff.

Here's the 10/4 update.

Evidently one of her fans cobbled together a video sequence of the ACORN sting tapes and her TV appearances, with a pop-song sound track.   Does this make his point, or mine?


J said...

Yeah I thought the ACORN set-up was fairly sleazy, even for GOPers. They forgot to mention that only one or two offices out of hundreds fell for the phony-prostie get up. IN SoCal they were turned away. And it probably will backfire, since taping people without their consent is illegal in some areas.

That said, ACORN does have issues-- but this sort of alarmist tactic was not the way to address them.

Jazzbumpa said...

Republicans are always searching for new lows.