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Friday, January 23, 2009

Non-informative Letter from HowWhat

In the mail yesterday came a letter from Bennie's Expresso (delivered by HowWhat.) This is what it said.
You chose to receive your Qualified Annuity Payment benefit as an annuity payment.* The initial calculation of your benefit was based on the information we had on file about you at that time.

We've recalculated your benefit based on updated information.
Please note that these benefit amounts don't reflect deductions, such as tax withholding, healthcare coverage or life insurance.

For more information
yadda yadda yadda . . .


Since they neglected to include any numbers, or a description of what this "update information" might be, my first thought was: "What changed, my months of service, or my date of birth? Whatever it is, I'm about to get screwed."

The new information might be the occurance of my 62nd birthday in December, which changes everything. But, who knows? At this point, I'm guessing.

I'm going to have to call HowWhat, which is probably not going to be helpful. I'm gearing myself up, but it probably won't happen today.

Information abut my February check is still not posted, though March info is. The March statement shows my post-62 regular pension amount plus my pre-62 SERP amount. Clearly, this cannot be correct. I have yet to see the people at HowWhat get anything right.

* Like, duh

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