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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Illegal Alien Tax Derp

A friend sent me the link to this vid.  It's so full of po' white angst and big scary numbers.

My comment:

Without condoning any kind of tax fraud or other crime, I have to say I'm a lot less troubled about this money going to [what I assume to be] poor people in whatever country than I am about the even greater number of billions of dollars handed LEGALLY as tax rebates to filthy-rich, resource-polluting trans-national mega-corporations in the petroleum industry, and the huge number of other highly profitable corporations that pay little tax, or none at all - in part because of off-shore tax havens.

In all seriousness, 4.2 billion is a big scary number, but if you look at the problems that ought to be addressed by the U.S. in priority order, this probably wouldn't make the top 100.

And I have to suspect that the pasty-faced, oh-so-patriotic southern Indiana news hawks who put this together are more than a little bit influenced by the brownish skin of those who benefit from this situation.  Sorry, that's just ugly reality.   Meanwhile, too-big-to-fail lily-white bankers on Wall Street are robbing us blind every day.

When's the last time you saw a 6 minute news report video on that subject?

1 comment:

BadTux said...

I just did a back-of-envelope calculation to see how much illegals are paying in taxes in comparison to these illegal benefits. I came up with $30 Billion, assuming 20M illegals with an average family size of four and average family income of $30K and paying 20% total taxes between payroll and sales. If they illegally get $4.2B of that back as benefits.... (shrug). Not something I'm going to stay up at night worrying about, GE rips off taxpayers for that much each *week* by offshoring all their income then pretending they're losing money to get rebates back from the government.

- Badtux the Numbers Penguin