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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rabid Ferrets

The bloody, tattered remains of what was once known as a "progressive agenda" continue to straggle on in a state of diminished capacity, ironically only surviving at all due to the irrational actions of a rag-tag gang of "rabid ferrets." What a weird time we live in.

I'm starting to understand Chinese curses.

UPDATE 12/21:  During the Shrub administration, I noted that the Rethugs were terrible at government, and a big part of the reason why was that they had such contempt for governance.

The rise of the vaccuous, know-nothing Tea Party movement, with their agenda of amorphous anger and unfocused hate, has made it worse by several orders of magnitude.  At least the Bush Rove cadre understood what the hell politics is, though they co-opted it to nefarious ends like pointless, unjustifiable war and an attempt to privatize Social Security.  The New Rethugs can't even comprehend what the hell politics is, but their party has gerymandered their way into a likely permanent majority in the House.

Charlie Pierce, brilliant as always, elaborates. [Though he did miss rabid ferrets]
There is no possible definition by which the Republicans can be considered an actual political party any more. They can be defined as a loose universe of inchoate hatreds, or a sprawling confederation of collected resentments, or an unwieldy conglomeration of self-negating orthodoxies, or an atonal choir of rabid complaint, or a cargo cult of quasi-religious politics and quasi-political religion, or simply the deafening abandoned YAWP of our bitter national Id. But they are not a political party because they have rendered themselves incapable of politics.

Read more: Wherein Democracy Mocks Itself - Esquire http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/Over_The_Cliff_Already#ixzz2FhEOsd9Y

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