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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quote of the Day - Pt 2

If the federal government were run more like here in Mississippi, the whole country would be a lot better off.
------ Willard "Mitt" Romney

You can't make up shit like this.

Donna Ladd, Editor in Chief of the Jackson Free Press reacts:

Say what, Gov. Romney?! 

See, we JFP folks cover the state government, and we watch it very closely up here in the capital city. How can we say this nicely? It's a bona fide mess. We were so astounded that four of our staffers launched a round of Twitter satire using hashtag #runitlikeMississippi to make the point that this state is no model for running anything, much less the federal government (see page 7 for our favorites).

We love this city, and state, and want it to succeed. It is home for many of us, and some of our staff came here precisely because it's such an interesting place to live and work (and so much journalism left undone). We appreciate our state despite its shortcomings, and we work every day to try to make it better.

But to say--even while pandering for votes--that our state is a model of governance is flabbergasting and insulting to our citizens.

Romney isn't a stupid man, but in some ways he's just as dumb as a rock.  More importantly, he has no program, no character, and no ethical position on any issue.   Fundamentally, he has no respect for any living human being - including himself.

What a tragically flawed imposter.  It's no wonder most Rethugs can't stand him.

H/T to Rachel Maddow on Facebook.

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BadTux said...

One of my past employers had some contracts with various Mississippi county governments. It was a constant PITA, had to stroke the right people regularly to make them feel loved, yada yada, but hey, it was money. Then some out-of-state outsider came to Jackson and spread some dough around and got their employer put in as the state-mandated solution. That's what passes for "good governance" in Mississippi -- mandating that the contract goes to whoever bribes you the most.