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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thinlips McChinless Rides Again

Mitch McConnell will save win the day.  Thus sayeth Robert Reich, who might actually know what the hell he's talking about (emphasis added.)

McConnell, like most other Republican leaders, has all along seen the battle over raising the debt ceiling as part of a master plan to unseat Obama. Remember, it was McConnell who openly admitted the GOP’s “top goal is to defeat President Obama in 2012” – a brazen and bizarre statement in the face of the worst economic crisis in seventy years.

H/T to Thoma.

The thing that's clear is that the lizard-people will stop at nothing to defeat Obama in 2012.  Whether this ploy will succeed or not is anybody's guess.   A check of possible outcomes does NOT favor the incumbent.  If we get a Rethug lizard in the White House in 2012, "We, the People" are literally finished.  The America that once was will dwindle to a faded memory, as the American people devolve into corporate serfdom.


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