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Friday, March 18, 2011

What the Hell?!? Friday - "Sign of the Times" Edition

This musical interlude, signed for us by the lovely Anna, is dedicated to reptile-brained union-busting job killer Scott Walker; venture capitalist union-busting job killer Rick Snyder; their weird (in many ways) namesake Medicaid-fraud purveying millionaire job killer Rick Scott; Wall Street bonus millionaire cum former Faux Noise commentating  union-busting job killer John Kasich; low-income health program eliminating job killer (and space cadet) Tom Corbett; and union-busting job killer Mitch Daniels.

By some strange coincidence, this band of liars, brigands and thieves are also Rethug governors of (mostly) Midwestern States.  How does shit like this happen?

Anna's YouTube link.
 H/T to Al at The Corner.


BadTux said...

Oh my.

Of course, some folks might say "Sure!" if you say that to them, especially if the recipient in question was male and the person making the statement was the lovely Anna :).

- Badtux the Music Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...

Good point. I've always felt that using that expression carries with it an element of risk.


Peter Kurze said...

And they said that the revolution would not be televised ...