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Friday, January 22, 2010

Party of No

The Repugnicants will have their way, whether in power or out.  They have used the Filibuster to obstruct the democratic process, as a means of inducing failure to Democratic processes.

Here is a graphic demonstration of of their abuse of non-power.  Data from Senate.gov.  Some relevant commentary came be found here, and here, and lots more places if you use Teh Google.

Each session covers a two year span.  The last completed congress, the 110th, spanned 2007-2008.  The current 111th session covers 2009-2010, and has had 39 cloture votes to date.  It is indicated by the yellow dot on the graph.  While they might not expect to reach the 112 votes of the last session, it a pretty sound bet that the recent norm of 50 to 60 per session will be greatly surpassed.

They are the party of No.  And they are adamant in their desire to see Obama fail, and take the country down with it.

What a bunch of God damned, corporate-internationalist traitors.


J said...

Useful data, jzb. A compare and contrast chart with the Demos' use of filibustero and cloture over last few decades might be useful as well.

It's generally always used by the minority party--and when GOP is in charge they call for an end to the f-b; when Dems rule the roost, they call for an end to it. And vice versa.

That said, the filibuster seems, prima facie injust--simply an obstructive measure, regardless if it helps one side (and unconstitutional perhaps, but ....well, that means about anything to anyone). It would be interesting to locate some transcripts from filibuster sessions--what do the Windbags discuss?

It would seem that "talking points" on about any issue, even massive bureaucratic projects and policies would be "talked out" in a manner of days. I think the early congress allowed like 3 days: wasn't even a Senate rule at first. So then they sing Danny Boy, or offer their remembrance of J Edgar?

The filibuster's just ancien regime, macho bull-sheet, Hamilton-Burr, etc. from the days when the boys would settle scores with a duel. Woodrow Wilson realized that, I believe, but his cloture plan didn't really rectify the problem (simple majorities would).

Jazzbumpa said...

J -

Yeah. This chart is total cloture votes, and doesn't illustrate who was causing it. Getting the data you recommend would be a difficult chore, I suspect.

The filibuster is an extra-constitutional maneuver. Senate rules don't prevent it. It is obstruction in its purest form.